New Delhi, April 24, 2022: India’s most premier sports’ gear brand, Sanspareils Greenlands (SG), threw open the doors to its newest outlet at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium, earlier today. With the opening the country’s up-and-coming cricket aspirants, as well as established players, shall get access to the highest quality cricket bats, balls, pads and other compulsory gear, within the stadium premises. The quality of this merchandise is at par with sports’ accessories that India’s most eminent cricketers have used, for so many decades, to compete in the game at both national and international levels.

The availability of items like top-quality bats, balls, leg-guards, gloves, helmets, kit bags, shoes and clothing to name a few, at this outlet will ease the procurement of high-quality merchandise for players who practice regularly on these grounds. The stadium attracts players of several age-groups from Delhi, and neighboring townships.

SG is the Merut-based 90-year-old manufacturer of cricket merchandise that the greats of the game have patronized since before independence. From Lahore and Agra, to Merut, the brand’s journey can best be summed-up in a line – it’s strong connection with the classes and masses. SG’s powered cricket on a macro-level so intensely, that the development of the sport in this country would not have been what it is today without the brand. SG balls have always been used not just in Test matches, but also the prestigious Ranji tournaments.

Commenting on the opening Sg’s CEO Mr Paras Anand remarked, “The new SG store at the Arun Jaitley Ferozeshah Kotla stadium is a very special tribute to the spirit of cricket where the SG family is concerned. The stadium is one of New Delhi’s sporting landmarks, and it is a matter of great pride that there could be a synergy between a brand of SG’s stature and the stadium.”

Congratulating SG on this landmark opening Mr Rohan Jaitley, the president of the Delhi and District Cricket Association, said, “We are glad to have started this association with a brand like SG. I believe the outlet is a great service to the players and support staff who practice on this ground regularly. Now they will not need to travel far to find the top-quality merchandise they require to perform at their best.”

The new SG shop will operate from 11 Am to 7 PM (all days open)