Who doesn’t love receiving thoughtful presents during Diwali? The shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic looms and most of us continue to follow social distancing norms. Besides the usual virtual gatherings and parties this year, things are going to be a bit different due to the ongoing situation. This Diwali, take a step forward towards the ‘new normal’ and make a unique statement with your giveaways.

With plenty of tech gadgets being launched every now and then, there are some for the evolving times. If you haven’t given much thought to what to give your loved ones, AMX has done the homework for you. As visiting your loved ones this Diwali might not be feasible, how about giving a thoughtful gift online? With just a couple of days left for Diwali, you could cheer your family, friends and even yourself with some of these well thought of gadgets. Take a look at the now discounted gadgets from AMX:

  1. XP 60Charge literally anything from a 90’s MP3 Player to a yet to be launched product such as Laptop/Smartphone & More. USB-C PD charging is the default standard for all the latest devices, this ensures the XP 60 is Futureproof
  2. XP 24+: Turn your wall outlet into your personal power station for all your devices. Flash Charge up to 2 devices at up to 2.4A simultaneously.

USB-C To USB-C 3.1 GEN 2Compatibility has to be the center point for all innovations. With the advent of technology, no one likes to carry more than two wires and a single multi-utility charger at a time. AMX Infiniti X USB-C PD is the answer to this predicament. Now charge all your devices with one single USB Cable. Flash Charge Laptop; MacBook Pro/MacBook Air (2018+), Smartphones; Pixel, Note 10/9/ Note 8/ S20/S9/S8, Tablet; iPad Pro, and all other Power Delivery Compatible devices at Flash Charging Speed with AMX Infiniti X Power Delivery Cable.

USB-A To USB-C 3.1 GEN 1Premium & durable USB C 3.1 Gen 1 cable rated for maximum data transfer up to 5 GBPS & fast charging. This is also known as SuperSpeed USB. Infiniti-X USB-C cable meeting all these standards deliver a maximum data transfer rate of up to 5gbps on compatible devices.

P1 CAR CHARGERThe P1 can charge two devices simultaneously at top speed (4.8A total). Now even short trips are enough to juice up your device so that you always stay connected. It also comes equipped with AMX Flash Charging Technology to enable rapid charging on the go! Never run out of battery in all your devices.